Voice Communication
Switching System

All digital,
High reliability,
100% Non-Blocking

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Overview   The PROCOM 1700 features up to 8 circuits comprised of radios and/or local telephone interfaces and an option to include up to 4 PBX/CO interface circuits. This intuitive design with a 12.1-inch color touch screen, speaker/microphone connection and multi-channel recordability, can serve as the operational hub of a highly reliable, high-speed communication network.

Application   ATC Communications (fixed and mobile towers)
Emergency Services Dispatch
Maritime Vessel Communications
Signal Capacity   All signals in the PROCOM 1700 switching nodes are digitally processed, switched, combined and routed.  External analog audio is digitized by Line interface Units.  Each switching CCU (voice node) has internal switching capability for 12 channels.  The PROCOM 1700 can be configured as a local node in a higher capacity, PROCOM 2000 system.

Key Advantages   12.1” Color Touch Screen
 Full non-blocking and conferencing capabilities
 Independent digital and analog recording ports
 Instant connectivity between wireless and wired communications
 Multiple user profiles
 Quick set-up time with minimal training
 User-friendly GUI
 On-site reconfigurable and expandable
 Software managed accessibility features
Power Requirements   100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 75 Watts
DC when utilized with DC to AC power inverter
Dimensions & Weight   12”W x 5.5”H x 9”D (10 lb)
305 x 134 x 230 mm (~5kg)


    Download Procom 1700 PDF

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