Voice Communication
Switching System

All digital,
High reliability,
100% Non-Blocking

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Overview   PROCOM 1800 Series Communication Control Systems are integrated using modular building blocks, to meet the user’s exacting needs.  A low profile (1U) central node provides 28 port interface capacity as a stand- alone system.  Nodes can be interconnected to a larger system such as the Telegenix PROCOM 2000.

Touch screen Operator Position Station (OPS) provide intuitive, easy to use access to all system interfaces. All button functions are fully programmable. The system database is field configurable to meet individual user preferences. Operator Position Stations can be located up to 6km away on a simple 2-wire or directed to another continent using IP gateways. All critical functions can be configured for full redundancy utilizing dedicated Line Interface Units (LIU) modules that automatically assume operational status thus bypassing defective modules.

The PROCOM 1800 is built on Telegenix years of experience in providing high reliability, non blocking communication control systems.  System software parallels the larger PROCOM 2000 transportable system in use worldwide.

This Commercial Off –the-Shelf (COTS) system was developed from the ground up for quick and simple installation.  Easy system integration is assured through the use of standard enclosures and standard RJ-45 connectors.  Simply plug radios, user stations, and land lines into the unit, and configure the system.  A fully documented Windows based System Administration tool provides for either on-line or off-line configuration and optimization of the system.

Application   The PROCOM 1800 Series Integrated Voice Communication Switching Systems (VCSS) provide audio switching and control of multiple radios, landlines, interphone and intercom for:
Air Traffic Control Communications
Mobile Tactical Control Communications
Command Center Communications
Marine Traffic Control Communications
Communications Training and Simulation
Emergency Services Dispatch – Fire, Police, Disaster Communication
Features   Systems consist of modular components
All digital audio processing
Up to 28 interface ports  
Full non-blocking and conferencing with multiple access to ICOM, TELCO, CYPTON.
On-site reconfigurable and upgradeable
Digital link to Operator Position Station (OPS)
RS-232 Data Port available on OPS link
Independent record ports
DC source powered per MIL-STD-1275
Built to meet MIL-STD-461 EMI/RFI standards
Small form factor for the switch node
Easily mounted in standard 19” EIA rack or console
Industry standard RJ-45/RJ-11 connectors for communications interfaces
Multilingual Unicode/universal character set capability

Audio Signals   Frequency Response:   Less than +/-0.5dB, 300 to 3400Hz
Distortion:  Less than 2% THD, 300-3400Hz
Signal to noise ratio:   More than -60dBm at 3000 Hz
Idle channel noise ratio:   Less than -60dBm at 3000 Hz
Crosstalk Isolation:   Better than 90db between channels, 100 Hz to 10 kHz

Signal Capacity   All signals in the PROCOM 1800 switching nodes are digitally processed, switched, combined and routed.  External analog audio is digitized by Line interface Units.  Each switching CCU (voice node) has internal switching capability for 28 channels.  The PROCOM 1800 can act as a local node in a capacity, PROCOM 2000 system.

External Interfaces   External signals are processed by interface specific Line Interface Units (LIU).  The signals are converted, processed, synchronized and assigned to internal channels.  The available interfaces are:
ISDN:  BRI (Basic Rate Interface)
           PRI (Primary Rate Interface)
           Modes S /U / UDLT
Analog:  4-wire E&M with PTT
           Facility Intercom/Public Address
           2-wire Central Offices/PBX
Telephone:  2-wire POTS
Digital: E1/T1
           LAN TCP/IP
           VoIP using Gateway Adapter Units
Recording:  Digital E1 recorder interface: 30 channels
Analog: (14) common ground analog recorder outputs or     
             (8) independent differential analog recorder outputs
Key Advantages   Real Time Operating System
Full DSP Audio Processing
Intercom and Interphone Operation
Fully Programmable Keys
Touch Entry displays
Front Panel Status Indicators
Windows based System Administration Tools

Environmental   Temperature:   0°C to +40°C (operating)
                      -40°C to +70°C (non-operating)
Altitude:           0 to +10,000 feet (operating)
                       0 to +50,000 feet (non-operating)
Humidity:         10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Environment:    Intended for fixed base installations
Power Requirements   CCU: -No Interfaces 10 watt
(All slots full, & two OPS powered locally): +24 VDC (+20%, -15%)
90 watts
OPS (Operator Position Station) 14watt (standard) - 20 watt (Hi Bright)

Dependability   MTBF Critical: Better than 100k hours
Availability: >.99999
MTTR:   <30 minutes
Other:   99% BIT failure detection

Dimensions & Weight   CCU: 19”W x 1.6”H x 18”D  (14 lb) (1U)
         480 x 43 x 460 mm    (6.3kg)

Standard OPS
  Desktop: 9.06”W x 11.62”H x 3.65”D
         295.1 x 230.1 x 92.7 mm
  Console: 10.5”W x 13.1”H x 3.93”D
         332.71 x 266.7 x 99.8 mm
  Rackmount: 10.5”W x 19H x 3.96”D
         482.6 x 266.7 x 100.61 mm

    Download Procom 1800 PDF

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