Color LCD - 12.1"
Touch Screen Input
Room Light Readable
Sunlight Readable

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Operator Position Station (OPS) PDF

Overview   The PROCOM Series Operator Position Station (OPS) is a rugged, transportable operator station used with the Telegenix PROCOM 2000 series and PROCOM 1800 series Voice Communication Switching Systems (VCSS).  The OPS provides the capability for the operator to access various telephone trunks, intercom, radio channels and other devices within the VCSS.

The OPS is adapted for mounting in a low profile, sloped front desktop or wall mount enclosure, with a bezel for console mounting, or in a 19” rack mount with prewired speakers.  A 2- wire telephone grade cable links the OPS to a PROCOM communication control unit (CCU).  The OPS provides audio volume control and amplifiers for a local loudspeaker and two independent headsets.  The backlit LCD display with touchscreen is provided for system device selection and status display.  The fully programmable display includes a telephone dial page with selective call signaling (either pulse dial or DTMF)

One LCD display size is available, 12.1”, the display shows incoming signals and channel selection status.  LCD colors are user selectable.  Circuit Selectors can provide two buttons per radio (TX, RX, Etc.) so that there is independent control of device selection (TX, RX, Idle) and audio destination (Headset, Speaker). Captions are user programmable with Unicode (International) multi-lingual character sets.  Integral high brilliance backlighting can be provided for sunlit areas such as control towers.

Ops’s provide an all-digital link to the CCU using a single pair of telco grade (22AWG) wire, tested to 18,000 ft. (5km).

Application   The PROCOM Series OpS permits operator control of multiple radios, telephones, interphones and intercom from an integrated access panel for:
Air Traffic Control Communications
Mobile tactical Control Communications
Command Center Communications
Marine Traffic Control Communications
Communications Training and Simulation
Emergency Services Dispatch –Fire, Police, Disaster Communication

Features   Provides multiple access to Intercom, telephone, Radio, P.A. and other devices.
All digital audio processing
Full Non-Blocking and Conferencing with multip0le access to ICOM, TELCO, CRYPTO, RADIO, P.A. and AUX audio devices
Sealed Touch Screen input device
Local loudspeaker with level control
Individual level control for two headsets
LCD screen displays channel status in various colors. Hi-Bright available
Digital multi-channel link to switch node
RS-232 Data Port available on switch link
Independent record port
DC source powered 24, 28, or 48 VDC
Built to meet MIL-STD-461 EMI/RFI standards
Ruggedized per Mil-STD-810
Environments and Type IV Mobility hard mounting
Easily mounted in standard rack or console
Optional Red/Black capability
Multilingual Unicode/universal character set capability

Optional night vision capability meeting MIL-STD-3009 requirements
Audio Signals   Frequency Response: Less than +1, -3 dB, 300 to 3400 Hz
Distortion Less than 2% THD, 300-3400 Hz
Signal to noise ratio: More than 50dB at 1020 Hz
Idle channel noise ratio: Less than -60dBm at 3000 Hz
Crosstalk Isolation: More than 90dB between channels, 100 to 10k Hz
Recording: 600 ohm interface to local recorder

Input Level:
Microphone: Nominal 0.45 Vp-p dynamic or Electret (50-150 ohms)

Output Level:
Headphone: 150, 300, 600 ohm
                  Nominal -10 dBm (Off to 0 dBm)
Loudspeaker: Off to Greater than 3 Watts
Aux Recorder: 600 ohm balanced
               Nominal -10dBm (-20 to 0 dBm)

Environmental   Temperature: 0°C to +50°C (operating)
                     -57°C to +85°C (non-operating)
Altitude: 0 to +9,200 feet (operating)
            0 to +45,000 feet (non-operating)
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Transport: Designed for Type IV Mobility
Dependability   MTBF Critical: Better than 100k Hours
Availability: >.99999
MTTR: < 10 minutes
Other: 99% BIT failure detection

Command Inputs   PTT Key: Dry contact
Push-buttons: Sealed touchscreen provides contacts for twenty-four 2- button circuit selectors, plus 10 function buttons per page.
PROCOM 2000/1800 systems can have multiple pages of circuit selectors or special function buttons.

Display Indications   LCD: The full color 12.1” COTS display provides for user selection of all colors and indicators.  Button, caption and message text can be coded in user selected language and character set.

Communications   ISDN: Synchronous Full Duplex, 160 kbps, BRI 2B+D
Port BRI: (2 voice & 1 data channels)
Data Port: RS-232 Serial Peripheral 9,600 Baud (nominal)
Physical pair: Up to 18,000 ft. (5km) using a single pair of 22 AWG copper wire

Power Requirements   +22.5 to +28.8 VDC (per MI STD-1275)
The OpS can be powered locally from an external DC power supply, directly from the switch node when the cable run is less than 50 ft. (15 meters)
Power: 12 watts (nominal) - 20 Watts (high Bright)

Accessories   Various headsets, handsets, footswitches, and microphones adaptable using Dual Jack Units
VOIP using Gateway Adapter units

Dimensions & Weight   Desktop: 9.06”W x 11.62”H x 3.65”D
         295.0 x 230.1 x 92.7 mm
Console: 10.5”W x 13.1”H x 3.93”D
         332.71 x 266.7 x 99.8 mm
Rackmount: 10.5”W x 19H x 3.96”D
         482.6 x 266.7 x 100.61 mm

    Download Procom Series Operator Position Station (OPS) PDF

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